Joining Requirements

  1. Have reached at least T0R5.
  2. Have gained at least 30k Quest Points.
  3. Have completed at least 100 campaigns.
  4. Have completed at least 1000 quests.
  5. Have won at least 10 global quests.
  6. Have killed at least 10 players (PK, Duels, War wins)
  7. Have killed at least 10k mobs.
  8. Have at least 500 hours online.
  9. Have explored at least 25% of the MUD.
  10. Have a recommendation from a current member.

You must meet a minimum of 7 of these requirements. In some special circumstances exceptions
may be made, if you think this is you speak to a clan leader before applying.

Most of this information can be found in your 'whois'. War wins can be seen in 'warinfo '.
Explored % is shown in 'explored' and 'myrank 15'.